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Pyramid Kits

No higher quality Meditation Pyramid will be found anywhere in the world today. Meditators in all lands continue to enjoy new depths of relaxation and inner peace while sitting inside an Open-frame Pyramid. This durable 6 foot base, approx. 4 foot high Pyramid is made of either Aluminum, Copper or Galvanized Iron Tubing frame-works. The unit is joined by our Hand-Crafted, Precision Engineered Connectors conforming to the ultimate energy angles of 51º - 51'

Your Meditation Pyramid may also be used to enhance nutritional, horticultural and agricultrual growing efforts; along with tests involving foods, liquids and biological preservation experiments of all types.

Each Meditation Pyramid is shipped in two parcels complete with Eight Tubings, Five Polished, Hand-Crafted Connectors, Apex Crown and Fastener, Set-Screw Wrench and Magnetic Compass.

We also have avalable kits without the tubing framework, pyramids for pets, for placing over a bed or chair as well as tabletop models for smaller experiments.

Pyramid Connecting Corners Kits - Copper Plated

Pyramid Connecting Corners Kits - For Outside Use
If you wish to build a Garden, or Outdoor Meditation Pyramid, using 3/4" outside diameter Galvanized Iron Tubings, this Aluminum Connecting Corners Kit is machined to accommodate these larger bore-sized frame-works.

Pyramid Over-the-Bed & Chair Kits - 3'x3' Base, Approx. 24" high

Pyramid Over-the-Bed & Chair Kits - 4'x4' Base, Approx. 32" high

Pyramid Over-the-Bed & Chair Connecting Corners Kit
Connector Kit only P210 (copper mosiac finish) comes with all the necessary ceiling attachments.

Pet Pyramid - Full Kit - 4'x4' - 32" High - Copper Frame

Table & Desktop Pyramids
Choose an option below and save $!
Table Top Pyramids
P212 9"x9" Desk Top, $39
P213 12"x12" Table Top, $44

Table & Desktop Pyramids

These two separate 9" x 9" Base ($39) and 12" x 12" Base ($44), Open Frame, Copper, Pyramid Energy Kits each include: the Pyramid rods and precisely angled connectors for quick, easy assembly. The price will appear in the cart depending on which Pyramid is chosen.

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