Dowsing and detecting the "soul"

Q. I can detect through dowsing the presence of a living person at least 10 feet over a person. Could this be used to detect when the soul leaves the human body after death?

A. In "The Original Cameron Aurameter Book" - available on our web site - credible witnesses and their testimonials describe in detail Verne L. Cameron's extraordinary spirit-form experiments with highly regarded Medium, Mark Probert over half a century ago. Cameron using his Aurameter, was able to enter a room with scientific observers present, detect the presence of a spirit entity, its location and then proceed to outline the entity's sitting form. Also, by detecting the auric emanations from certain books previously chosen and handled by those present, Cameron was able to point out each volume selected among shelves of other books. Therefore it seems possible that a skilled Dowser, working with an Aurameter, under the right conditions, could dileneate a still or moving Spirit shape, includinfg the human soul. Good wishes - Bill Cox