Energy of the Sphere

Q. Is the energy of the spehere the same in its center? Is there a certain place in the sphere when strange things happen e.g. healing and rejuvenation?

A. The variance in Form Energy emanations occurring both within and outside of a pyramid shape and a sphere, or hemisphere, require a great deal of explanations. That is why we have been researching and writing about "Shape-Wave Energies" for several decades. Volumes of information on these topics, appear in the 55 past editions of "The Pyramid Guide International Newsletter" (all still in print, and available at $2.00 each - or a full set may be purchased at a discount price of $88.00 plus shipping).

We have received hundreds of volunteered testimonial letters concerning healings believed to be stimulated by pyramid meditation and exposure for various lengths of time. Because of the strict and forbidding laws concerning wellness - other than by medical, surgical or radiation means - we have never printed these testimonials. Over the decades our research (going back to the late 1860s) indicates that there are several factors that must be placed into the studies; for tests indicate that experimental results can vary due to sunspot activities, lunar cycles, location of the tests; materials used in the pyramid frameworks; electronic interference and even the persons participating in the experiments themselves to some degree. Little is known about the intangibles (non-linear) aspects of Energy of Form evaluations.