Pyramid Composition

Q. I've heard that the type of material to make a pyramid can either support or impede the benefits of the structure. Is it necessary to cover the Pyramid shape especially when used outside?

A. Our Pyramid (Form) Energies research goes back nearly 150 years. The best information we can supply indicates: The types of materials used in fabricating a model are secondary to the integrity of measurements (angles) and rigidity of the form itself. Open frame pyramids are much more effective when biological specimens - including persons - are involved. Effective responses are particularly due to the dominance of negative ions, which are continually attracted to, and operate within and around the model. Placing a covering over the pyramid frameworks tends to partially shield out negative ions; known to produce harmonious reactions: For example, think of the invigorating negative ion experience produced by a cold shower or cool drink on a hot day. A partial covering of the apex, such as a cardboard or foil wrapping of no more than one-sixth the pyramid's altitude, will increase the energy effects occurring within to some degree.