Q. Is there any scientific evidence to prove the validity of dowsing?

A. 1. Theories and explanations abound on how dowsing is achieved. Several possibilities exist among them. Countless testimonials provided by dowsers over the decades - even centuries - show that most humans can dowse. However, the degrees of accuracy, quality, quantities and perpetuity, vary from one person to another. Just as some students with the same training and equipment, learn to master a musical instrument far better than others, the most successful practitioners, obviously have a passion for the art and improve by training and "doing:" in the manner of golf or other sports requiring self-discipline.

2. Scientific tests validating the work over the years have included: bio-feedback equipment, potentiometers and a host of other electronic instruments in contact with a person while dowsing. Our book "AQUAVIDEO, Locating Underground Water," presents scientific information in this regard.

Yours truly,

Bill Cox