Q. Is copper preferred to aluminium with the pyramid energies?

A. Experimental research going back to the 1920s, indicate that copper is preferrable to aluminum and other metals, or finishes, due to copper's natural electronic and biological inducing properties. Hundreds of persons from around the world meditating under, or inside of an open frame-work model (rather than alongside of, or outside of a) pyramid, report often favorable and repeatable - approximately sixteen- patterns of reactions. Some include an altered sense of time, deeper relaxation, feelings of levity, increased levels of awareness and Well-Being. Because the 6X6 foot base side (3-foot, 10 inches high) Meditation size replica accommodates one's entire body in a sitting or so-called lotus position, responses are greater in extent, and achieved in substantially less time than sitting under, or wearing a smaller open-frame pyramid positioned atop one's head.

Bill Cox