Q. What is your research and collected statements on "Pyramid Water" & what is the correct amount of time to put it under a Pyramid?

A. Decades of independent worldwide research, indicates that when water is placed in an open container on the floor of the Pyramid; such as a bowl for example, the water's surface tension is noticeably altered within a few hours. Additionally, we received a number of reports attesting to water purification. I believe the quality and timing of the test would rely on various factors, such as how dirty the original specimen might have been; the site and immediate environment involved in the experiment, and whether the water was placed above or below the Pyramid. Results have been especially potent when the exposure was achieved near the apex - inside or outside of the model. It's a fact that lower types of organisms that cause decay, putrefication or produce sluggish vibrations; these germs, bacteria, or whatever one labels them, don't flourish within or near a Pyramid environment. Moreover, the taste of inferior liquids, such as cheap wines or stale orange juice, is apparently improved.

Bill Cox