Q. What are Ley Lines and where can I get information on them?

A. Metaphysical bookstores offer several publications on Geopathic Lines. Much of the information is conflicting - depending upon which author you believe in; so before you spend your money on books, check things out with a cursory inspection of the contents, bibliographical and illustrative pages. The whole idea of surface and subterranean global vectors likely originated in Great Britain over the past few centuries. They were labeled "ley-lines" about two hundred years ago or so. Inquire into works produced by Geomantic, Ley-Line sources in UK.

A Russian scientist, developed the world grid system, which has caught on since World War I. Later on, names like "Hartman" and "Courie" and a few others, have gone on to divide the greater network down into localized patterns. Now everyone seems to have jumped onto the bandwagon; finding them going in all directions and crossing underfoot everywhere. But, to return to your request. The best place to start, would be with any Geomantic publications coming out of Great Britain, as they are the true source and have maintained perpetuitiy in their investigations over the years. As for the term "Geopathic." It is often misused in connection with Ley and Chinese Dragon lines. Geopathics deal with noxious earth rays, pernicious damp, devil ring and "Pathogenics" (man-made anomalies, such as Electropollution, ELF Waves etc.) The research and remedies on the latter are dealt with on a completely different scale than the so-called Geopathic Lines. At least you can be aware of the confusion in properly separating these two points of investigation when you begin to look further into the subject.

Bill Cox