Q. How can a Pyramid help my garden? How do I obtain a Pyramid Generator for this?

Out-of-Doors Garden Pyramid, with capstone added:
causes vigorous seed bed sprouting,
accelerated growth and increased crop yields.

A. The pyramid generator you refer to is still available (see our web site) These are effective on a smaller scale than you envision. The pyramid generator is fine for table and desk-top experiments. In your attempt to discourage insect infestation with pyramid energy, I suggest you think in terms of creating a more encompassing pyramid environment. Years of research and reports attest to the simple method of creating larger, open frame (wire) models staked into the ground and supported by a central pole, or 5/8" o.d. tubings, with arbitrary base sides lengths of 10 feet. These will produce an open framework (see-through) pyramid approximately 6 feet 4 inches high. In most cases, flying insects tend to avoid or not stay long inside of the structure. You can increase the energy intensity immediately inside, and near the outside of the overall design, by adding either an open frame or enclosed cap cover at the apex. Best results seem to favor a cap(stone) with a vertical height of approximately one-fifth (no less than one-sixth) the greater pyramid's height. You may use a variety of materials. Copper, because of its high electrical conductivity is favored. But galvanized iron, steel or aluminum will do the job. See our web shop for our Pyramid Models.

Good luck.
Bill Cox