Q. Can you give some information on Map Dowsing?

Bill Cox Map Dowsing

A. Map dowsing pioneers I have known, applying self-discipline, imagination and patience have been generally successful. But even for these experienced practitioners, the end result depends more upon one's ability to assemble and interpret acquired critical fragments for a satisfactory outcome. Unfortunately, most map dowsers who can do it, seldom teach.

Professional chart work prior to field investigation is an absolute must... Time, distance, and seemingly formidible barriers do not necessarily block a victorious result. On the other hand, the greatest obstacles for achievement usually originate in the dowser's (and sometimes the client's) mind.

First of all, the subject or object of one's search must really exist, beyond dreaming. What exactly... is one looking for? Is it a "still," moveable or moving target? Has the precise overall area in question been isolated to be sure that one is working over the right Map? Adequate preparation and a detailed method move the process along, but it appears that one must avoid over expectations and too much emotional or fixated mental involvements. See our book on "Map Dowsing" and "The Psychology of Treasure Dowsing" in our shop.

Bill Cox