Question posted to Bill Cox about Pyramid Frame kits:

  • P201 FULL KIT - 8 Aluminum Tubings Framework
  • P202 FULL KIT - 8 Copper Tubings Framework
  • P203 FULL KIT - 8 Galvanized Iron Tubings Framework

Q. I would like to know what the real difference is between these 3 kits. (Other than price difference.) Thank you.

A. The P205 Aluminum (open-frameworks - connecting corners kit) Pyramid, continues to be the most popular, indoor Meditation Model. Over the decades, the same style pyramid with copper surfaces has run a close second to the aluminum. We make no represenations that copper is superior; but over the years, certain people have prefered copper; claiming that they receive improved energy benefits and reactions while meditating inside of a model of this type. The galvanized iron frameworks, which are connected by aluminum corners, are ideal for out-of-doors use; for garden purposes. Also, the galvanized tubings are larger diameter and the entire model is heavier, and will withstand rougher use and extreme weathering better than the first two pyramids mentioned.