Dowsing and Timing

Here's a little Dowsing tip that has rescued me from likely exasperations and failures:

When attempting to detect subtle energy emanations from invisible or hidden things, I frequently observe whether myself, or my instrument are moving too slow or too fast in any given situation. There are definite limits: Slowness and over-caution invite tenseness and doubt. Conversely, excessively hyper movements can cause loss of contact. With sluggishness, we never seem to catch up. We are often admonished by signs saying, that with vehicles: "Speed Kills." Well, with Dowsing it also destroys..., by diconnecting one's Mind and Dowsing Device from the intended source, objective or target. Allow sufficient, but not too much time for your Dowsing instrument to react; most particularly before you enter or leave the immediate energy field containing that which is sought. Find the assured, happy medium that intuitively discriminates between the excesses of drag and haste. Then carefully stay the course, and "Find It."