About Fine Media International

FINE MEDIA INTERNATIONAL was founded in 1985. It is dedicated to the service of humanity's eternal quest for self-awareness, knowledge and wisdom. The company's premise is based upon the ever increasing recognition of life's timeless truths, many of which may be found among the world's great mysteries.

Extensive research gathered since 1926 and book manuscripts acquired by El Cariso Publications from the late Verne L. Cameron in 1969, were later made as a gift to Bill Cox in 1976.

Bill Cox, owner, has authored numerous published books and articles which have appeared in international journals. He also served as founder and chief editor of the "Pyramid Guide," bimonthly newsletter for nine years. Davina Cox is co-owner with her husband. Both have traveled extensively worldwide, presenting self-discovery, training workshops on a variety of linear and nonlinear scientific subjects.

Bill and Davina in Japan
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In addition, for the past twenty years Bill and Davina have been Feng Shui consultants, traveling throughout the United States and other countries helping clients and lecturing on this ancient science.

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